Broker Back Office - The industry standard software package that provides international Independent Financial Advisors with all the software they need to run their businesses

Broker Back Office (BBO) is cloud based software that allows you, the Independent Financial Advisor, to manage your business from any computer or device that is connected to the internet. You can manage your contact folders and prospect lists with a CRM system designed specifically for your industry.

With BBO you can make appointments, submit business, and manage your client files, pay
employees, prepare your accounts, reconcile your bank statements and so much more.

BBO is a very powerful system; there are no limits to the number of people that can use
Broker Back Office in your organisation, it doesn’t matter whether you work on your own or represent a large organisation, BBO is just what you need to maintain all your records.

The system relies on state of the art internet technology to provide everything online to you and your employees. Broker Back Office can be customized to reflect your individual way of working; it is designed by industry professionals who know your industry intimately and it is continually developed based on feedback from users. Our goal is to carry on improving it until all agree that it is the industry standard software package for international Independent Financial Advisors.