Key Features

Key Features
Key Features
Key Features
  1. Client Records
    • a. Contact and prospecting database
    • b. Integrated diary functions
    • c. Document uploading facility
    • d. File sharing capabilities with employees
    • e. Auto email integration
  2. New Business Processing
    • a. Online business submission
    • b. Simple admin procedures
    • c. Automatic commission accounting features
  3. Banking and Accounts
    • a. Accounts preparation
    • b. Banking reconciliation
    • c. Management reports
  4. Employee Record Keeping
    • a. Remote file for important documents
    • b. Programmable commission terms
    • c. Employee access
  5. Reports
    • a. Standard reports for important information
    • b. Query building functions
    • c. Downloads to PDF or excel
  6. General
    • a. Low cost
    • b. One workspace for all business function
    • c. System access control
    • d. Securely encrypted