The team at Broker Back Office have made life on our new system so much easier than I ever thought it would be. They took us through each step of the process offering friendly and supportive help all the way.

Tina Dunstan, Sales Support Manager - ASSURED FUND

This administrative system has allowed me as head of i2offshore Ltd to concentrate solely on running the business whilst my staff have been trained to run the administration. I no longer have to be concerned with commissions, filing, scanning etc and I have found that the initial and ongoing training that the company has provided has been first rate. I would like to thank the team for selling us the system in the first place and then following up with their supreme service and I wish BBO all the best for the future as well as for the continuing success of the BBO system.

John Patterson, CEO - I2 OFFSHORE

BBO has created a unique management system for the offshore financial services industry. It is a user friendly system that is easy to navigate and has enhanced the efficiency of our business. The settling in period was supportive and professional and the training was conducted with patience and willingness to assist. The team at BBO are more than happy to take on board any comments for further enhancement and have been very attentive to queries.

Margo Flynn, Head of Administration - GLOBAL FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS

Managing our global business has never been easier now that we have Broker Back Office. Everything I need to know is there at the touch of a button in one workspace 24/7.


I have found the Back Office Management system an excellent package written to not only store clients and employees details, but aids the business process from start to finish. It allows recording of the business written, provides a tracking and commission system keeping everyone concerned in the picture. All this with the knowledge that data is secure and an excellent back up support when needed.

Becky Stanley,Company Administrator - ALLIANCE PARTNERSHIP